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I am an International High-Performance Coach, Author and
Trainer. I work closely with clients to help them make the mindset adjustments necessary to supercharge their performance and create a happier, healthier life.
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Welcome to my website!  I’m a high-performance coach, author and leadership development trainer with a massive drive to help my clients achieve amazing results.

I am passionate about helping individuals and organisations to reach their full potential through my innovative style of coaching, training and writing.  Since setting up my business, What Next Consultancy (UK) Ltd in 2009, I have helped thousands of people increase their well-being, supercharge their performance and create more fulfilling lives.

I don’t buy into the saying ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’.  I believe that living a happier, healthier, more productive and successful life is easier than you might imagine.  As a result, I have created my own unique, proven set of tools and techniques which are designed to be easy to implement, which have a long-lasting effect and are actually fun to use!

The ethos of my coaching… anyone can change, but they have to want to!