I just wanted to pass on my thanks….you may or may not be aware that I purchased your ‘Land your Dream Job’ course in preparation for moving on.  It was excellent and gave me the confidence and reassurance I needed to take the next step.

I felt it was really important to let you know how you helped me achieve a fantastic new role, so thank you ?

Liz Chadwick

Senior OD & HR Professional

Jo’s coaching sessions really helped me to rationalise my thoughts following what I found to be a particularly challenging period in my career. Her friendly and warm demeanour gave me the confidence to talk openly about these difficulties without fear, reflecting on situations objectively to use these past experiences in a positive way.

The great easy to use techniques Jo gave me along the way have given me belief that I am able to achieve all that I want to achieve.

Sarah Brindley

HR Business Partner

Sam Nutter

Industrial Sales Executive - Hewden

Jo has provided me with coaching support for the last five years. In that time, she has helped me to clarify the direction in which I want to take my professional life and business, whilst providing me with a framework for making change happen. Jo has challenged my assumptions and preconceptions in a highly constructive way, providing an environment in which I have felt comfortable exploring and testing my thoughts and ideas.

She has employed a number of creative and dynamic methods to stimulate my thinking and to reinforce the fact that I am accountable for making change happen. This, combined with being asked to commit to completing actions by agreed deadlines, has really helped to ensure that my plans have crystallised to a point where I have seen immediate results.

She has also been a regular contributor providing coaching tips and advice to over 6000 clients per week. I would strongly recommend Jo in both large corporate and small business fields.

Nisha Srivastiva

Entrepreneur, Business Owner, North West Pilates Centre

Thank you so much, Jo. I feel that what I have learnt will help a lot with the way I think about not just my work life but also my personal life too! I am definitely going to think more about the body language I use in the work place and how it may come across as well as my communication skills, especially my listening skills . These skills are sure to help me right at the start of my career in L & D.
Jack Knowles

New Business Specialist , Litmos Heroes

I found the whole experience of working with Jo on a one to one, really worthwhile and took a lot from it. Jo is very experienced and professional and gave me a structured approach and detailed further coaching session.

Jo would definitely be a coach I would recommend to others.

Andy Stafford

Senior Housing Professional

I have never been able to speak confidently in public, which was affecting confidence and my business as I wasn’t able to deliver training sessions on the services I provide.

I worked closely with Jo on a 1:2:1 basis and after just one session, not only was I able to deliver a speech at my daughter’s wedding (something I would never have thought possible before), but I have now been able to expand my business to include training delivery, something that I could never have imagined previously.

I highly recommend Jo, she gets you to think about things in a different way which has been a turning point for me.

Lynn Sephton

Business Owner

The year I spent receiving coaching from Jo was fantastic. I went through many significant life and career changes in this time, with unconditional support from Jo throughout. Jo’s style of coaching and her understanding of me personally, really helped me achieve clarity and focus on the goals that I wanted to accomplish both personally and professionally. I learned many techniques which have served me well following our coaching and will continue to do so indefinitely. I would highly recommend Jo, to anyone thinking about Professional Coaching. Jo is very personable, professional and genuinely cares about her clients achieving results. Thank you, Jo.
Danielle Kennedy

Director of Learning, Litmos Heroes

I thought I’d drop you a quick e-mail to let you know that I’m back in the world of gainful employment. I followed your tips and advice and have found a job which is a perfect fit for me with an organisation which has the right culture….. your 100% track record of getting people back into work remains intact. Thank you for your help and advice.
Paul Robinson

Housing Professional

Jo’s professional and conscientious mentoring proved critical in the making of a major decision regarding my career steps. With her advice and considerate feedback, Jo enabled me to realise my own career ambitions and assisted me identifying my short and mid-term goals so that I am now better positioned to take the necessary steps to achieve them.

Additionally, under Jo’s tutelage on a work-based professional development programme, I was methodically and comprehensively introduced to a range of management, leadership and mentoring concepts, which were supported by real-life applications.

Her instruction in this field has granted me a great number of skills and tools to help me take my leadership standard to the next level. I know that I would not be the leader I am now without Jo’s input.

Matt Roberts

Personal Wine Advisor, Averys Wine Merchants

Jo Banks is a real inspiration, and just when you need someone to give you a much needed boost, you know you can turn to Jo to give you great ideas, confidence and some real know-how to help you in your job search.

Jo transformed my CV to make it concise, attractive and effective.  I also had some fantastic one-to-one sessions with her where she was able to identify the areas where I could improve and be more impactful in an interview situation.

Jo puts you at ease, is really intuitive and gives you space to think and reflect so that you are able to get solutions that are personal and individual to you. It’s not a one-size-fits all approach – Jo really does make it about you, and that’s really important when it comes to preparing for interviews – because a job interview is all about you.

I would recommend speaking to Jo about career advice and about preparation for landing that new job!

Howard Cover

Housing Professional

I have worked with Jo for the past 2 years and she has been instrumental in providing senior and exec coaching at Northwards.

Jo brings passion and energy which engages the most skeptical of people. I love how Jo cuts through the theory and makes it simple and relatable.

We continue to work with Jo in delivering a Leadership Programme to our senior managers and I look forward to even more positive outcomes!

Anthony Brady

HR Business Partner, Northwards Housing

Today I have accepted a role as a Project Manager with Marks and Spencer following redundancy in September.  At the time I was recommended your Your Dream Job course and I just wanted to thank you.  

It was a huge help in grounding me and stopping the expected panic setting in.  I kept to your method and didn’t apply for just anything and was considered about what and where was right for me.  And it paid off!!

Thank you, I will and have recommended the course to my network.  It was well worth it. Thanks again, 

Emma Winston

Project Manager, Marks and Spencer

Jo is an incredible coach and mentor, totally committed to improving your professional and personal life. By keeping you focused and accountable, yet providing an unbiased point of view, she provides you with a clear vision of where you are going, helping you to define what you want and where you want to be. She takes the time to understand your goals, dreams and aspirations, always finding new ways to support you.

She is a dynamic woman who by coming from her heart, has an excellent ability to connect with people, inspiring and nurturing them to move in a positive direction. Jo is a great listener, and asks the right questions to lead you to very solid decisions, making you look at things in new ways. Jo helped me to prepare for a major employment transition and supported me through the transition.

She has helped me to focus and prioritise. I have been better able to look at problems in different ways, thus finding very meaningful solutions. I am a better leader today because of the coaching I received from Jo.

Sharon Cunningham

Programme Manager

Helen Richardson

Strategic Account Manager - Hewden

I’m now an HRBP at a new company and I absolutely love it! With Jo’s help, I secured several interviews and received 3 job offers within a month of leaving my previous employer! Wasn’t the plan, but I saw a few things I liked and thought I’d give it a go!

In the end, I found a perfect match, and I am so so happy! Really, I haven’t felt like this for ages and I cannot wait for Monday morning to come!!  Jo’s help with the CV writing in particular got me in front of people. I always thought I’d “be alright” if I got face to face with people and with a bit of luck too it’s worked out perfectly!

Good luck with everything and for one last time, thanks for all your help. I really appreciate it.

Jonathan Worrall

HR Business Partner

Emma Shaw

Learning & Development Professional , Espresso Learning Ltd

Have you ever been told what a great job you’re doing? And then a week later been told that you’re being made redundant?

Well, it happened to me and it completely took away my confidence in my own ability. I met with Jo and she was able to completely restore my self confidence due to her vast experience of dealing with people in this situation.

Jo is lovely and will share her knowledge with you so you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back out there with your confidence restored. Jo is highly recommended.

Jane Keegan

Asset Director

Jo’s open and approachable style made it really easy for me to share those issues that were holding me back at being the best version of me I could be. Jo helped me recognise and identify the internal negative thoughts and limitations I was placing on myself and by applying the simple easy to use techniques she taught me I have been able to address these and feel more effective in my role than ever.

Reading the regular blogs that Jo sends out act as an ongoing top up and reinforce my new positive outlook – I can’t wait to read the book !!! Thank you for your support Jo.

Diane Hall

Learning and Development Manager, The Guinness Partnership

Jo helped me enormously with my own personal development ina challenging but supportive environment.

Anyone looking for behavioural insight, a change in career, direction or leadership coaching should definitely consider Jo. She is highly skilled and comes with my highest recommendation.

Tracy Langton

Housing Professional, Northwards Housing

Praise must go to Jo Banks who has been extremely professional, strong and influential throughout our time working together. It is obvious that Jo has elevated credentials within the HR and People Management sector and I feel that I have personally benefited from working with her and I would not hesitate to recommend or ask for her experienced view in the future.

Jo has many strings to her bow and is highly proficient in coaching and development and if there is ever an opportunity to benefit from this coaching in the future on a professional level, I would certainly be the first person to step forward and embrace this to enhance my skills which in turn would benefit the business. I see a lot of value in what she does.

Andrew Thompson

Managing Director, Mobile Mini

I emerged from Jo’s management development programme refreshed and revitalised. Jo’s interactive workshops combine her wealth of business knowledge and understanding of leadership attributes to nurture talent, promote confidence and develop high impact managers.

From Jo I learnt the importance of considering rationale when faced with seemingly intractable challenges and the power of effective decision making to create profitable relationships.

Jo’s charismatic delivery inspires and empowers her delegates, challenging the conventions of typical management programmes.

Tom Hayes

Project Manager

Jo is an absolute pleasure to work with, a true professional with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

A great listener who is highly skilled at what she does, but more importantly, she genuinely cares about her clients and her passion and positivity shines through.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Jo to any business/individual.

Catherine Mustafa

Housing Professional

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jo recently as part of our organisational change journey and through some personal coaching.

I’ve really enjoyed working with Jo – she has a great coaching style which has lead to excellent outcomes. I now havea toolbox of great techniques thanks to Jo’s help.

Alicia Pearson

Business Compliance Manager, Irwell Valley Housing Association

I received coaching from Jo last year after leaving my job of 20 years.

Jo helped me build confidence to step out into the jobs market. She helped me with my CV, got me interview ready and importantly, helped me understand the current job market.

Jo has a very friendly and approachable style and tells you what really works.

Jo Griffin

Senior Housing Professional, Yorkshire Housing