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I am primarily a Transformational/High-Performance Coach. I use a range of behavioural based tools and techniques (including CBT and NLP) to create long-lasting change in my clients. Since setting up my business in 2009, I’ve had the privilege of helping thousands of people through 1:2:1 coaching and corporate training programmes to reach their full potential in both their careers and personal lives.

Before setting up my own coaching and leadership development business, What Next Consultancy (UK) Ltd, I spent 20 years as a Senior HR Professional in a range of industries, since then, I have personally coached hundreds of clients with in excess of 10,000 attending my corporate training programmes.

Therefore, it’s fair to say that one thing I know a lot about is people!

Having coached and worked with such a diverse range of clients, I would be worryingly unobservant had I not noticed unhelpful patterns in thinking and behaviour. As a result, I have developed a range of easy to use tools and techniques designed specifically to help clients shift their thoughts, control their emotions and boost their professional and personal performance.

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