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Some of my most successful training programmes and workshops are now available to everyone, online 

I have included both paid and free courses which contain many of my most popular tried and tested, simple and easy to use tools and techniques designed specially to help you supercharge your career and your life.   

CLICK HERE to join the What Next? online school and you too can follow in the footsteps of thousands of my corporate clients and delegates to learn the secrets of creating long-lasting, positive change. 


Managing the Menopause with Style!

Are you a woman in your prime but suffering from brain fog, mood swings, irritability, anxiety, stress, overwhelm, forgetfulness, etc.? Then this course is for you!

Many women find that menopause can be confusing, upsetting, and even a little scary! However, life does not have to stop. Your career does not have to end. You do not have to give up the things that you love. You do not have to get up every day feeling rubbish – you can be happy, healthy, and live a fulfilled life and this 4-week course shows you how.

Your Dream Job Programme

The Your Dream Job programme is based on my corporate career management workshops (as well as my bestselling book, Land Your Dream Job Now!).

It is packed full of top tips, including feedback from my research with recruitment consultants, recruiters and interview assessors, as well as my experience of recruiting thousands of employees throughout my HR career. The programme consists of three individual courses; CV writing, interview skills and job hunting.  

Your Dream Job Mini-Course

As a taster and introduction into the comprehensive full programme, I have designed a the Your Dream Job Mini-course suitable for everyone looking for some basic guidance.  

It contains many top tips from the full Your Dream Job programme including information on CV writing, interview skills and conducting job search activities.  It takes around an hour to complete and consists of videos, a comprehensive workbook, and a quiz to test your knowledge.                                        

Write a Brilliant CV

Your CV is a marketing document, which should be short, succinct and tailored to the role for which you are applying, and this course shows you how.

It is based on my corporate workshops (as well as my bestselling book, Land Your Dream Job Now!) and provides you with step by step instructions and guidance on how to Write a Brilliant CV. 

It is packed full of tried and tested tips gained from working with thousands of job hunters, recruitment consultants, and recruiters, as well as experience from the thousands of new employees I’ve recruited during my 20-year HR career. 

Finding Your Dream Job

This course provides you with step by step instructions and guidance on conducting an effective job search.

Again, it is packed full of tried and tested top tips and contains a comprehensive list of vacancy sources, together with information on how to get the best out of each.

It also explains how to manage your job hunt while maintaining your motivation, massively increasing your chances of Finding Your Dream Job. It also covers application forms and covering letters, with easy to use downloadable templates.

Foolproof Interview Skills

Most people don’t realise, but YOU CAN PREPARE FOR 85% OF AN INTERVIEW, and this course shows you how. 

It is packed full of top tips, advice and guidance and takes you step by step through how to prepare effectively.  It includes how to anticipate the questions that you will be asked, and succinctly explains how to answer the Top 10 Most Asked Interview Questions gathered from feedback from recruiters and thousands of candidates.  

It also includes what to do and expect on the day, together with what to take in with you and how to keep  interview nerves at bay.   

Building Resilience

If you’re looking to increase your resilience, manage your emotions, and deal with anxiety and the stresses of everyday life more effectively, this is the course for you.

In these ever-changing times, resilience is a crucial skill which we all need. Unfortunately, it isn’t necessarily something that we are born with, but you can learn it. 

Based on my successful emotional intelligence and resilience corporate workshops, this course provides you with step by step instructions and guidance explicitly designed to help manage your thinking and emotions.

Working From Home FREE Mini-Course

Due to the changes in working patterns brought about by the Coronavirus, many clients have asked for some advice on how to manage working from home for themselves and their colleagues.

This course contains a short video and a PDF document which gives my top 5 tips to help you get the most out of current circumstances. I have kept it completely free as I want to help as many people as possible during such a difficult time.

'Get Clear' FREE Mini-Course

My FREE ‘Get Clear’ mini-course is specifically designed to help you get clear about what you want and, maybe more importantly, what you don’t want from your next job.

Once you understand what’s important to you, it will be easier to target the right roles and speak with clarity and confidence to prospective employers.  This course is also useful if you know that you want to change your career but aren’t entirely sure what you want to do.

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