FREE 'Dynamic Goal Setting' Masterclass

Wednesday, 15 December at 7.30 pm


Enter 2022 with the ‘right’ goals that inspire and motivate you to be an even better you!

This 60-minute FREE Masterclass is specifically designed to teach you easy-to-use tools and techniques to help you ‘Set Goals That Stick’.

In addition, you will learn the common reasons why goals fail, why relying on motivation doesn’t work, as well as how to beat procrastination.

When: Wednesday, 15 December 2021

Time:  7.00 pm

Places are limited to allow time for group discussion, support, and learning, so act quickly and claim yours NOW!

Past Webinar Feedback…

“Jo Banks #Kudos You did an awesome job presenting a really informative webinar last night about managing the menopause with style. Some great coping tips and some myths debunked. If you missed it, catch the next one!” Catherine

“Jo has so much energy and the training was so useful and could be used in a variety of settings.”
“It will encourage me to think more positively. Don’t put it off and sign up to this course now!”
Absolutely fantastic session! Thanks so much.”

“All of the tools Jo shared will not only contribute to my overall resilience but my wellbeing too.”
“Now I know why I wake up at 3.00 am AND what to do about it. So incredibly useful training”.
“Super useful!”
“I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved that other women where so open about their journeys. It made me feel I’m not alone!”
“Incredibly useful session. Thank you.”
“I never knew how much of an impact walking has on our wellbeing! Thanks, Jo.”
“The best training I’ve been on! Thanks, Jo!”
“You don’t realise what a rut and bad habits you have developed since some-one reminds you of the basics. Brilliant. Thank you.”
“Thank you for this great session.”

“After the webinar I feel mentally and physically more able to deal with the challenges life brings.”


“It was thought provoking, enjoyable and extremely useful. Book yourself on it now! You won’t regret it!”
“Really informative.”